Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gosh!! Thank you all - this is how I made it.....

Gosh I am surprised that my candle went over so well! Many of you have emailed to ask me how I made it. It isn't hard at all so thought I would let you know how I did it.

I used white tissue paper. I stamped the image into the 'dull' side with black Staz-On Ink. Let it dry a few minutes. I coloured the image with my Prismacolor Pencils and USM using stubs.
It is easy to move the colours around with the mineral spirits and I believe a lot of you used them to colour with before Copics came on the scene. I coloured with the main colour first and then added my darker shadows. Once I was finished I cut the image out with scissors - carefully - the tissue wants to tear. I left a margin of about 1/4 inch maybe more in some areas around the image. I placed the candle on it's side and laid my image in place with the shiny side ( or wrong side ) up and took my finger and just lightly rubbed it over to keep it in place. Then I wrapped the candle with waxed paper all around and made it long enough that I could roll up some to hold onto on the back side. I then took my heat gun and slowly passed it back and forth all over the image, not holding it any one place very long. The wax off the paper melted onto the image and melted it onto the candle. The candle didn't run because I kept the heat moving at all times. I then removed the paper and there she was!!!

Next I picked my ribbon I held it in place on the candle with tiny glue dots that don't show at all.....I knotted it and cut the ends. I placed my crystals where I wanted them and lightly pressed them on - they were all sticky ones. Then I simply cut out my leaves and again placed them on with little glue dots. I did the same with the flowers.............With all of these decorations on it - I would never light THIS candle. I do know it will burn the centre inside only and leave the outside ~ but I have a feeling with these heavy flowers they might slowly fold into the candle as they got warm and they are made of paper so a fire might occur. Perhaps it you used a really BIG candle that burns down the centre and had just your image and a few pieces of bling it might be OK if you were IN the room ~ but I don't want to tell you to light them.
This candle is for a gift and they are heavy to mail, so this candle is 3" in diameter by 6" tall. It is also a white unscented one. Scented would be nice too - but my friend has allergies......

I hope this has help those of you who have asked how I made lovely of you all!
Love, Candy

Candy Mills

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