Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Gosh Friday was a long time ago now, wasn't it??? Well my brand new camera got stuck on OFF and I couldn't do a thing with it. It worried me for 5 days until I was finally able to get a hold of my son who helped me figure it out. * You have to know I am getting old and all of these new contraptions are just too much for me to figure out LOL ~ now I sound like my grandma used, to long ago LOL

So I have made some cards and sent them on there way and wasn't able to take pictures for you - I just thought I should tell you so you didn't think I had done nothing all of this time.

I was lucky that I had my camera fixed last night so took two quicky pictures of the Easter cards I made for my Grandchildren. I had to pack up their gifts really fancy this morning and put the cards in the box on the top so they wouldn't get ruined. I only took pictures of the front.

I had decorated the insides really cute with little rabbits and baby chicks - put them in fancy circles and then covered them in diamond gloss - but I had also written little notes inside each one and I couldn't take pictures of that :o(

I also discovered something else while taking these pictures. When you use a lot of glitter there must be a trick to take close up pictures of your work that I don't know. I took my usual two pictures of the front - but both times the close ups were too weird for you to see from all the bling :o( I will have to ask someone in the know about that........

So after all this yapping here are the two little cards:

First one is for our Grandson,

and this one is for our Granddaughter:

Nothing earth shattering but just wanted you to see them and let you know I am still around.
It seems Murphys Law is still following me around, making sure I have a tough time working all of my toys here :o)

Really hope to see you all soon.

I also want to thank you so very much for taking the time to come and look at my cards - you are so kind.........
Love Candy