Monday, December 7, 2009

The Tooth Fairy cometh......

Gosh another week has come and gone - can you believe it?
We have had some unfortunate news about two members of our family this week s0 I haven't been up to making things.
This afternoon I realize I had to get going here or I will be late for Christmas and there is no way I want to disappoint others. Especially my Grandchildren; so I made a special gift for Brandon just from Grandma. I usually make each of our Grandchildren something by hand just from me - this year Brandon is getting a Tooth Fairy Box. As far as I know he has no loose teeth yet, but he is 6 and in Grade One so the time will soon be here for him I think :o)
The tin and 'What's In Your Tin #1' stamp set were purchased from Gina K. a year ago in preparation for this time......The stamp used is from 'Whiff of Joy' and is 'Mathew Lying' - as you see, I use only a portion of the image.The entire box was painted with Copics EXCEPT the wings which I coloured with Prismacolors. I used SU Dazzling Diamonds on the wings, Patina Stickles for the stars and a couple of flourishes. I also attached SWARTZ. Crystals with Crystal Lacquer to the odd star.
I was trying to make this a magical looking little box for the dream of the tooth fairy but I had to be careful not to make it feminine! I hope I did it 'just right'. You must leave a comment and let me know if I succeeded. I am disappointed with the star I made :o( I used Crystal Lacquer and I had added a Swartz. Crystal under his name - when I turned it over after it had dried I could see there is a small space around the crystal. I don't think Brandon will notice it - but I care because I was trying to make it so special......

Here are my pictures :

When I started my blog in June I was just begiinning to make cards on a regular basis and the blog was going to be a test for me to see if : 1 - I could keep it up and 2. It would be fun.
Well it has been fun but I have not made a lot of projects. I now have the odd store asking me to make cards for them once in a while; as well as a little place back in my home town that I made some cards for, and low and behold they have been selling.
So in 2010 my goal is to work more faithfully - almost like a job ( when life doesn't interfere! LOL ) and have a lot more for you to look at. I really hope I can succeed in this..........
Love to you all, Candy
Candy Mills