Thursday, February 12, 2009

Taking a minute . . . .


Just taking a minute to show you a card that did not turn out well today :o(. I am so very disappointed with this one I have made for my 4 year old nephew. I did the card and it was fine - but a little on the plain side. ** note to self - next time take it apart and use polka dot paper **. I decided since it was all finished I would take a minute to put some dots on it. Instead of using my SU markers as I should have** ~ I still had my Copics out and used one of them. D U M B move!!! Especailly using this blue one that has leaked since I bought it!!!!!!!!!!! My dots that I usually can make all the same size - because of the leak are NOT.

So you live and your learn - right?

Here is my disaster:

A bit closer:

NOTE TO SELF : Copics go THROUGH the paper!!!!!!!!!! What you put on the outside is going to show on the inside - DUH
I did use my cuttlebug folder as you can see and since Kaylan will be 4 I put glitter on all the # 4's.

His little verse on the inside:

I hope to have something better to show you a bit later today - If I can think how to do it properly :o(



Jacque said...

well I think it's VERY cute and I probably prefer the odd dots to polka-dotted paper...Hugs

Jenn Borjeson said...

I think it's adorable! I always look at my "boo-boos" as uniqueness! hee hee

Christine Riley said...

Well, I think it's adorable! Love it, it's very cute :)
Hugs, Christine

Jamie Martin said...

This is sooo cute, you are way to hard on yourself.