Friday, December 11, 2009

Quickie Gift Card Holders

Hello Friends,
Many big thanks to those who are praying for my brother. I appreciate it so much! He was working in Montreal and lives in St. Catherine's, Ontario. His wife and children are driving to him in the horrible snow storm that is raging on the east coast of Canada and U.S.A........Wishing safe travel to them.
Well this is another quick post. Only two weeks until Christmas today! I still have gifts to make and all my gifts to wrap and mail back east and to the mainland of B.C. It will be a very busy weekend for me!!! PLUS it is DH Birthday today - the BIG 65th! I cooked a dinner and made his favourite Birthday Cake. His cousin is having a huge family surprise Birthday Party for him tomorrow and all I have to do is bring dessert. THREE cakes! So you know what I will be doing in the morning LOL
Tonight I made 4 gift card holders for our two nephews and our two Grandchildren. Two for the little boys are the same so you will only get pictures of 3 of them :o)
I found these on '' and if you click here it will take you to SCS and all you have to do is click on the link there for the pattern.
Here they are:

The blue one is for our oldest nephew and the airplane ones are for our youngest nephew and our Grandson. These aren't Christmas Papers, but I couldn't resist using it because it reminded me so much of the 50's when I was a young girl and what my brother used to get for Christmas. The pink one is for our Granddaughter - of course! What could I do - her favourite colour is PINK and she loves BLING - I have taught her well LOL LOL
Now the Grandchildren are getting presents as well - but we thought they might get a big kick out of a gift certificate to McDonald's - it is such a great treat for them to go there. Our two nephews I am afraid, get Gift Certificates to Wal* Mart each year to buy what they wish for.
Tomorrow I am hoping to make some money holders for the 'big' kids. Hope to see you all again then.
Be happy! Love, Candy
Candy Mills


Tracey said...

These are adorable Candy! So cute!

Myrna said...

They are so cute and so much better to give than the plain envelope in the store. Great job!

mycardz said...

Ohhh Candy this are sooo cool! I love this idea and may have to make a few myself! Thanks so much for sharing it. I'm sorry to hear about your brother and his poor family - how awful. Happy birthday to your hubby - I LOVE cake! :D BIG hug, Mary

Kerry D-C said...

These are so cute Candy!!! Love the papers you chose!
My aunt and cousins live in St. Catherines! Small world! I hope that your brother's family arrived safely and I that he is doing well now that they are with him.

Nancy said...

These gift card holders are so cute! i made some also they were a lot of fun to make and turn out so cute! Great job!

Angelwood said...

Oh what a great idea! Love this! I really have to give this one a try. Happy Holidays! Angela